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Avner Zabari | Art & Furniture
8760 Southwest 133rd Street, Miami, Florida 33176 (By Appointment Only).

Avner Zabari, Artist.

Avner Zabari is as distinctive an artist as his art itself. The whimsical and expressionistic style of his creations mirrors his personality while the deep, textured color of his art mimics his storied life.His primitive aesthetic is commonplace, where all cultures and schools of thought come to bathe.

It is truly a celebration of the diversity that is humankind. Born just outside Tel Aviv in 1960, Zabari.” After completing his army service at the age of 21, Zabari was eager to explore the many intricacies the world had to offer. Young and curious, he sought out the unique atmosphere found only in the intimate cafes and romantic evenings of Europe’s magnificent cities and fairytale villages.

He then journeyed to South America, where relics left by primitive cultures would leave a lasting impression upon him. His thirst for artistic fulfillment then led him to Miami, a city that seemed to provide the final impetus for what it was Zabari longed to create. Despite no formal art education, Zabari began painting on everything from pristine canvases to slabs of scrap wood.

Zabari known for his original, whimsical art sold throughout popular galleries in the usa & Europe lent a discriminating brush to everything he touched. It was his early experimentation with wood that became the pathway to his successful future. “I was fascinated with the temperament of the wood”, Zabari explained. “The way the color would bleed or hold depending on the consistencies of the wood.” Zabari parlayed his need to recreate himself into a collection of colorful and deeply personal art and furniture every year.

He did so by consistently challenging himself to create new aesthetics, yet still hold true to the style that characterizes all his works. This approach resulted in a magnificent blending of eye pleasing colors. His intriguing use of symbols and mysterious compartments are all part of his whimsical free-form designs. Zabari's passion for his art, supplies him with a perpetual education. Stone, wood, metal and leather are prominently featured among the many creative elements in his repertoire.